National Cheesecake Day

National Cheesecake Day is today. As food holidays go, this is one of the tastiest of treats.

Despite being a rich, high calorie, and cholesterol filled, cheesecake is a very popular dessert. Why? Because it tastes so good. It is enjoyed plain, or with your favorite fruit topping.

Enjoy the day with a piece of cheesecake, along with your favorite topping. If you have time, make the cheesecake yourself.

Happy National Cheesecake Day!

National Vanilla Ice Cream Day

National Vanilla Ice Cream Day celebrates one of Americas favorite ice cream flavors.

Vanilla and chocolate ice cream vies for the taste buds ice cream lovers. Chocolate may win the popularity contest. But, vanilla is a close second. It is also more refreshing, and more versatile.

Its easy to celebrate Vanilla Ice Cream Day on a hot summer day like today. Enjoy it in a cone, a dish, a float, a shake, or in a cake. If you get it in a cone today, ask for extra scoops, and worry about the calories later. Just make sure to eat it quickly, before it melts.

If you go out for ice cream today, watch for discounts and special promotions on vanilla ice cream!

National Lollipop Day

Lollipop Day is our chance to celebrate and enjoy the creation of Lollipops. Could you imagine how sheltered our childhood, and perhaps adulthood, would be, if the lollipop had never been invented!? It sure would be a duller, and less tasteful world.

How to Celebrate National Lollipop Day:

Eat Lollipops: Go out and buy a bag full of lollipops. Then, have a couple over the course of the day. Kids (and adults), don’t eat too many. We don’t want you to get an upset stomach.

Share your Lollipops: Bring lollipops everywhere you go. Pass them out to everyone.

Play the Lollipop Game: Drill holes into a thick, flat board. Paint the bottom portion of a couple lollipop sticks. Stick the lollipops at random, into the holes in the board. Each player gets to select a lollipop. If they pull the one with the painted stick, they win a prize!

Cow Appreciation Day

Today is Cow Appreciation Day. And, that’s no bull! But, it is something to “Moo” about.

As I began my research for this day, I talked to my daughter about plans for this page. I was intending to comment in a nice way, about everything that cows give us. But, my daughter convinced me to simply talk about the dairy products.

Different Colored Eyes Day

Different Colored Eyes Day has two reasons to celebrate. First of all, it celebrates diversity of eye color. Wouldn’t the world be boring, if everyone had the same color of eyes?

Secondly, it recognizes an eye condition called Heterochromia. People who have this trait, have two different colors of eyes. One eye may be brown, while the other is blue. Famous people who have Heterochromia include David Bowie, Jane Seymour, and Christopher Walken.

Your eyes are an important part of your appearance. They are also important in communications. When you look into your lover’s eyes, you need to like what you see. Making “eye contact” just wouldn’t be the same without different colored eye. Isn’t it great that we have a variety of eye colors to set us apart from one another?

Happy Birthday, Mike

Happy Birthday Brother. It has been a great pleasure watching you grow into a strong and independent man. Mom and Dad, I know, are very proud of you, as am I. I hope as you go into your 26th year you find so many doors and opportunities opening up for you I encourage you to chase them all and never look back. I never say it enough but I love, admire, and cherish you. Happy Birthday.

Teddy Bear Picnic Day

It’s Teddy Bear Picnic Day. Spend the lunch hour on a blanket under a shade tree with your Teddy Bear.

Stuffed Teddy Bears are a kids favorite. Children receive Teddy Bears early in their childhood. Children cling to them throughout their teenage years. Many bears are kept, even as you become an adult. As you read this article, many of you adults know exactly where your Teddy Bear is.

The Crumbs Cupcake Empire Has Been Iced, But the Cupcake Rolls

By Sarah Kaplan – Washington Post

The lights are off at Crumbs Bake Shop on 11th Street NW. Chairs are stacked on top of tables. The glass display case stands empty.

There will be no more cupcakes sold here, or at any other Crumbs location. The New York-based chain rocked the pastry world Monday with news that it was closing all 48 of its stores. America’s largest cupcake chain is now a thing of the past.

But the cupcake trend, it seems, is not.

Across town from the shuttered Crumbs location, local cupcake shops Georgetown Cupcake and Baked and Wired are doing brisk business.

“Considering the lines we have pretty regularly, it’s definitely not dead yet,” says Jamie Rosen, manager at Baked and Wired. “Not even a little bit.”

Ian and Debra Mishalove, standing outside with a cupcake each, will happily back Rosen up. The D.C. residents believe that cupcakes, in all their miniature, frosted glory, remain the ultimate dessert choice.

“They’re the perfect little package,” Ian says.

The Mishaloves are, admittedly, a bit biased. The self-described cupcake enthusiasts ate the desserts on their first date and served them at their wedding instead of a traditional cake.

National Fried Chicken Day

National Fried Chicken Day is day to enjoy crisp and tasty, finger licking good fried chicken.

Fried chicken is one of America’s favorite meals. Sure, we all know that fried foods are not good for us. But, fried chicken tastes ohhhhh so good. We just can’t resist having it on a regular basis.

There’s just one thing you need to do celebrate this day: Eat some fried chicken. You can have it for lunch, dinner or cold leftovers as a snack. Better still, have it for lunch, dinner, AND for a snack.

Independence Day, the 4th of July

The fourth of July is the birthday of our nation. Today, we celebrate and enjoy the freedom that comes with the event that made this day so special.

Thomas Jefferson, is the author of the Declaration of Independence. He led a committee that crafted the declaration between June 11-28, 1776. Jefferson and other discontented representatives from the thirteen colonies, voted and approved it on July 4, 1776. The document declared freedom for the 13 colonies from British rule. It currently resides in the Exhibition Hall of the National Archive in Washington, D.C.

Did you know? The Declaration of Independence was not signed by all representatives until August, 1776. To make it official, John Hancock, President of the Continental Congress signed it. Now, can anyone guess where the saying “put your John Hancock on it” came from!?!

Today, we enjoy the benefits of the freedom which the framers signed and ultimately fought for. For us, it is a time for baseball, hot dogs and family picnics. Summer is in full swing and life is good.